To break the monotony and the oft repeated ideas in your films well, look no further than Filmzone. A fusion of out of the box ideas, unique video productions, presentations and an in depth subject expertise helps create an engaging experience for your audience.

Video Production Showreel

FILMZONE as an end-to-end creative video production company in Mumbai, India, not only identifies what you want to accomplish, but also has the know how to decipher that into videos that are dot on target and possess a rich recall value.

FILMZONE – your video production partner.
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Our Verticals

In pre-production, our creative team starts with meeting the client to understand their goals, target group and creative requirements.

Post this; our research team helps bring in new perspective and clarity in the subject. After some in-house brainstorming sessions, we present a few concepts for film along with the treatment note. Once the client clears the concept and treatment, our team submits first draft of script for inputs from client.

Taking all inputs/suggestions in consideration, our team submits the final script for approval.

Once the script is approved, the team plans shooting dates and finalize anchor / artist if any along with other shooting requirements.

Production covers actual shooting of film and other allied activities. FILMZONE has a very rich and varied experience of production from Multi-Crore Bollywood films to TVCs to Corporate Films to low budget meaningful documentaries for NGOs.

Our experience helps us manage production in the most economic ways without compromising on quality. Our production process is detailed and streamlined. The goal is to optimize our production process and efficiently manage all tasks at hand. Once a film is shot, our creative team hands it over to the Post Production team.

With a strong in house edit team along with graphic support, we edit the film within 10 days of the last shooting date and present it to the client with a scratch Voice Over and suggestive music.

We understand that most of the time we work with people who are very strong in subject matter but have relatively limited technical experience in films.

We give ample time for review and incorporate all suggestions, and then present the film again.

Once the film is locked on edit, we record the professional voice over and organize the music accordingly.

Once the film is ready, we deliver the film as per requirements. We offer:

  • An HD file of your film with best quality.
  • Web ready files for your websites or news letters
  • Any other format as requested.
OUR Video Production Price Guide


Our production prices are competitive, as we believe in transparency.

With no compromise on production values and creative inputs, ‘Value For Money’ is our mantra. Our extensive experience in film and video production helps us minimize the costs.

Our all-inclusive packages are easy to understand and once your budget is locked, it is subject to change only if your brief changes later.

We derive our prices on the basis of the following elements:

  • Number of filming days and locations
  • Time required for Pre-Production and Production
  • Time required for Editing and other Post Production activities.
  • Use of any other production components like the cost of voice overs, special music, animation, anchors or presenters.

Our typical all-inclusive video production packages start from Rs. 2.00 Lac + Applicable Taxes

Email us at ashutoshdesh@gmail.com or call us on +919867680350/ +919820995490 to discuss your own corporate video production requirements.

Special package for corporate event coverage:


We offer a special package for corporate event coverage. It covers:

  • ½-day of filming on location
  • On location editing of event immediately after completion of the event.

Our typical all-inclusive video production packages start from Rs. 25,000/- + Applicable Taxes

Email us at ashutoshdesh@gmail.com or call us on +919867680350/ +919820995490 to discuss your own corporate video production requirements.


Script writing
See your wishes being transformed into beautiful words and reverberating visuals
Production Design
The rapturous and awe inspiring look requires an equally amazing crew which we help put together to realize your dreams.
It’s the right talent that ups the product from good to perfect. We chose and pick from the best available pool.
The substance of the product. Ranging from a few seconds of a commercial to a full-length feature film
Joining the dots to make it a bigger picture
Graphic Design / Animation
Eye catching emblems to captivating characters. You name it!<br />
Voice Over
Soft spoken, husky, gruff, thin, guttural, honeyed, deep, ringing, singsong in any language…! It’s your call.
Silence may be more musical than a song, agreed. But, sound also has the magic that would enthrall your audience.
What could be better than viewing a film in your own language. We specialize in dubbing in all the Indian languages and translation of content in almost any language across the world.