FILMZONE has produced, and will continue to produce fiction & non-fiction programmes for various mainstream television channels.

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In pre production our creative team start with meeting client to understand their content , target Group and creative requirements.

Post this meeting our research team helps to bring new perspectives and clarity in subject. After few inhouse brainstorming sessions we present few concept for film along with treatment note, Once concept and treatment is cleared by client our team submits first draft of script for inputs from cleint.

Taking all inputs/suggestions in consideration our team submits final script for approval.

Once script is approved team plans shooting dates and finalise anchor / artist if any along with other shooting requirements.

Production covers actual shooting of film and othe allied activities. FILMZONE has very rich and varried experience of production from multi crore Bollywood films to TVCs to Corporate Films to low budget meaningful documentaries for NGOs.

Our experience helps us to manage production in most economic ways without compromising on quality. Once film is shot our creative team handover it tp Post Production team

With a strong inhouse edit team and graphic support we edit film within 10 days of last shooting date and present it to cleint with scratch Voice Over and suggestive music.

We understand most of the time we work with people who are very strong in subject matter but relatively having low experience on films.

We give enough time for review and incorporate all suggestions and present film again.

Once film is locked on edit we record professional voice over and organise music as per approval.

Once film is ready we offer delivery of film as per your requirements. We give:

  • An HD file of your film with best quality.
  • Web ready files for your websites or news letters
  • Any other way you require